Far Cry 4 Infinite XP and Karma Glitch PS4

Far Cry 4 Infinite XP and Karma Glitch PS4

True gamers will call this glitch a "cheat" but really it is a kind of bug not taken into consideration by the developers while creating and testing far cry 4 and since it is only achievable if you are playing FC4 on PS4 this make it more of a fun.

This glitch can be experienced while playing and killing the same enemy repetitively, player had to go to the north intersection of "Pranijagat School outpost" it is important that the post hasn't been captured by the player before, a enemy player will come on a bike or jeep all you have to do is to kill him. once done you will get some XP to strengthen your skill tree in the game.

A Simple kill by rocket will reward the player by 30XP, but if you show some true skill like a headshot than you will be rewarded even more up to 125XP.

After you kill the enemy go into "Pranijagat School outpost" and die. once re-spawned you can kill the same enemy again maybe repetitively to get much more XP Points.

Far Cry 4 Infinite XP Karma Glitch PS4

Only thing you need to remember is not to capture "Pranijagat School outpost" before this glitch because if a player did it earlier this glitch will not work in Far Cry 4.

Some of your fellow Far Cry 4 friends will be pissed if they see that you have achieve far more XP and experience in such initial stages of game and now you can clear even the more difficult missions in the video game easily.

Also the last patch by Far Cry 4 developers seems to downgrade the video game graphics a little and many far cry 4 players are upset about it.

Lets hope that "Pranijagat School outpost" glitch will also be patched by the developers soon.

Far Cry 4 Nvidia Graphic Card Stutter Problem fix

Far Cry 4 Nvidia Graphic Card Stutter Problem Glitch fix

Many Far Cry 4 gamers encountered stutter problem while playing the video game. the issue is experienced more by video gamers who has Nvidia video graphic card in their system.

So what's the solution to the problem :

1. Open up NVIDIA Control panel and set "Power Management Mode" to use "max performance" and set "Maximum pre rendered frames" to 3

alternate solution to the problem

2. Open up "GamerProfile.xml" with notepad find the line GPUMaxBufferedFrames="0" and change it to GPUMaxBufferedFrames="1"

3. Also DisableLoadingMip0 ="1"

Far Cry 4 Nvidia Graphic Card Stutter Problem fix

This will also fix the mouse stutter problem if you are encountering it while playing Far Cry 4.

Far Cry 4 Co-Op Crafting Bug Glitch Problem fix

Far Cry 4 Co-Op Crafting Bug Glitch Problem fix

There is a Bug in Far Cry 4 game known as Crafting Glitch. The problem occur when a player play Co-Op Online game few times after that the crafting table get messed up and starting to get weird.

If you play far cry 4 single player and then play the game in co-op mode you can notice this bug. the grid from left to right can be like:

Weapon Holster 2/3
Weapon Holster 3/3
Weapon Holster 0/3
Weapon Holster 1/3

Far Cry 4 Co-Op Crafting Bug Glitch Problem fix

there can also be a lock sign pointing the slots as locked, this far cry problem get worse when you further continue in the video game as you don't have much space to store items and weapons.

first it was mentioned by the gaming community that the glitch only occur if someone is playing far cry 4 on PS4 but we tried it on Xbox One and PC and the same bug occurs there too, so it means that the only way to fix the problem is by a patch developed by the developers of the video game.

Head over to UBISoft official forum or far cry 4 video game website to see if there is any yet.

Far Cry 4 Co-OP Joining Problems

Far Cry 4 Co-OP Joining Problems and Glitches

It seems there is a problem while playing Far Cry 4 Online specially when you are trying to play in co-op mode, most of the players reported a glitch that don't allow them to join other players in the co-op session.

The real problem in Far Cry 4 video game is that other players can join your game but you can't join theirs seems more like a regional problem or a glitch thingy by UBISoft.

Far Cry 4 Co op joining problem fix

The more related errors to this problem is "Lost Connect to Your Partner" and far cry 4 stuck at the Kyrat menu for more than ten minutes.

If you are facing FAR CRY 4 CO-OP Problem the UN-official fix to this problem is to keep on clicking on "Join Coop" till you join.

The second solution is the latest patch available at far cry 4 official website.

Do let me know if you fix the problem by another method, till than i am out.see ya amigo's.

Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag Xbox One Issue Fix

Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag Xbox One Glitch Problem Fix

Many of the Xbox One Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag player's reported problem with the game while playing also the game not playing at all.

I have researched the problem and come up with few solution i am sure will help all those AC IV Black Flag players.

Please follow the below fix procedure for Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag Glitch.

Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag Xbox One Issue Fix

Step 1 : Firstly be positive that your xbox one console is online, signed in to your xbox one live account and completely functioning correctly.
Step 2 : Insert your AC IV Black Flag Disc into Xbox One Console.
Step 3 : Once the disc in place launch the game.
Step 4 : Exit the AC IV Black Flag and eject the DVD from your console.
Step 5 : Be sure that the game should be in "Recently Played" list on the Xbox One Home Screen.
Step 6 : From there go to "game icon" and press the "Menu Key" and Click "Manage Game".
Step 7 : From "Manage Game" click on "Game Icon" and press the "Menu Button" and Click on "Uninstall".
Step 8 : Press the "Xbox Button" to go "Home".
Step 9 : Click on the Game Icon from Recently played and press the menu button and now click on Install this will download the game from Xbox one market place and install it again.
Step 10 : Once the game is installed again now play it.

This is a long but proven procedure to solve the Assassin's creed iv black flag problem.